Picture stories from odd corners of the world
Pie fillings

Big Fishing
Alaska factory trawlers and crews at work and work and work in the infamous Bering Sea. +60 images over 7 pages
A Life on Blank Paper
Finding the lost grave of the unsung great man who discovered America from the west. 60+ images on 6 pages

All Roads Lead to Mercato
The center of commerce and industry and life and more in the world's "sixth- poorest" nation. 70 images over 8 pages

Skullduggery and Intrigue set in exotic global locales! HUGE capital outlay in a brazen corporate-Orwellian scheme targeting the mass-media of "3/4s of the world's population" - the poorest people on the planet! An international cast of characters led by a truly world-class snake-oil salesman - and all true!
Pie in the Sky Over Africa
temporarily offline for remodeling (5/17)
Little by little, eggs shall walk.
An Ethiopian proverb, and a pillar of my own ever- evolving, eternally optimistic philosophy of life.
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12 perfectly good excuses for why a good idea in the coffee business just didn't work out.
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